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Hi Lindsay, THANK YOU sooOOOOO much for the beautiful photo of Maja. That was so thoughtful of you.But mostly I would like to thank you for the wonderful photo shoot. The pictures are priceless. I can't choose a favorite.....they are all soo great. You truly captured Daniella and Ivana's bond. They are both very special to me...and I am so happy you were able to capture on camera what I see everyday. Thanks again Lindsay : )

Oh Lindz, you sure know how to make a pregnant woman cry!! These are asolutely gorgeous!!!

Lindz! I am in loooove with these pictures! Thank you so much, I'm in tears right now! You truly have a gift, and now my little ones are immortalized just the way they really are! You captured their character! Thanks for the sneak peak, I love the retro look on the ice cream shot! I can't wait to see the rest of them, I'm going to have a HUGE order! Once again THANK YOU! (Sniffle sniffle)

Hi Lindsay,We had a great time this morning! YOU made our job much easier. It was not hard at all to feel comfortable and at ease with your guidance and good humour.Thank you so much for the sneak peek photos and for sending them so soon. We absolutely LOVE them! Can't wait to see the others... We are so happy that we decided to do this! You were amazing!Thanks again!

Oh my god I am such a dork...I am sitting here crying in front of mylaptop...I am so madly in love with the little guy!!! I LOVE THE PIC!!!You are really talented!

We absolutely love the pics!